WordPress is 15 years young!

In late May 2018, WordPress marked a quiet yet certainly not insignificant milestone: the 15th anniversary to the day the first WordPress product was introduced. The WordPress community marked this grand occasion with a series of locally organized events worldwide.

After all, much of the enduring success of WordPress has resulted from the communities around the globe that bring together a wide range of devotees. Whether they’re working directly with the core foundation of WordPress at parent company Automattic, developing their own themes or plugins, or, of course, the legions of bloggers and publishers, they’re all part of this great, diverse family of WordPress users.

The vast influence and properity of WordPress today simply cannot be underestimated. A recent analysis revealed that 30 percent of websites worldwide are powered by WordPress in one form or another, from corporate-branded blogs to full-blown business and media sites.

Despite its great success, WordPress has often been, and continues to be associated with nothing much more than a blogging platform. But if you know better, you know darn well that it’s much, much more than that.

Here are some of the best WordPress attributes that come to my mind:

  • Highly customizable – WordPress is sometimes underestimated for its vast technological and customization capabilities, not to mention excellent documentation and an incredible breadth of openly available resources.
  • Performant – WordPress is long-known for delivering the speed and reliability expected of a high-performance commercial website.
  • Welcoming – I really love the diversity and sense of community among WordPressers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
  • Cutting-edge – Although PHP is still dominant in our world, we’re steadily integrating JavaScript and making it the centerpiece in bringing WordPress well into the future.

Right now, among the most promiment initiatives for WordPress is the development of Gutenberg, which has the potential to enable super-easy Web content creation experiences akin to Wix or Squarespace, while still continuing to evolve the open customization capabilities that make WordPress so powerful, versatile, and performant for the web’s most demanding sites and applications.

Here’s to the next 15 years of prosperity for WordPress.