Crypto thefts: no big deal?

It continues to amaze me that cryptocurrency investors, by and large have been incredibly forgiving to the frequent occurrences of crypto theft due to exchange platforms being hacked.

It seems that at least once a week there’s a headline about laundered cryptocurrency. Last Friday, I saw this article. And then today (Monday), this story.

Perhaps investors don’t believe it’s a big deal and we’re all just making ado about nothing. Maybe investors are hesitant to dump due to FOMO – the fear of missing out.

It’s also possible that we haven’t yet found ourselves in a full-blown panic situation, in which everyone wants to pull out. That’s when we’ll found out how well crypto ecosystems can handle the full load of investor withdrawals.

I don’t know much about crypto – but it’s my understanding that cashouts are not necessarily instantaneous (it can take anywhere from several hours up to several days). I can only imagine what it might be like when thousands upon thousands of investors worldwide are trying to get out at the same time.