What’s in a logo?

In recent years, I’ve become a big believer in developing a personal brand. Establishing self-identification and self-promotion can be a key advantage in terms of advancing career and business interests.

It’s for this reason that I set out to create my own website and blog that reflects my own passions and professional attributes.

Part of the branding is my personal logo, this little bug tucked away in the upper left hand corner of this page, as well as everywhere else on my site.

What does it actually mean? Well, that’s the focus of this short blog post.

The logo combines two basic elements. One illustrates a sheet of paper with a folded corner. That represents content, as in marketing content creation. The other is the cutout of the paper, in the form of a gear, meant to signify analytical thinking.

This visual element provides a deeper dive in the meaning of the logo, in terms of my own attributes.

I was partially inspired to create this logo after looking at Google’s original design for the Google Docs logo. That was the appearance of written paper with a tiny folded corner. I came up with the idea of having a gear in there, to express the analytical side of myself.

This logo was originally created for a potential side business. Ultimately, however, I decided it actually represented myself, so I adopted it as part of my personal brand.