My content creation goals for 2019

For 5 years running, I’ve been on a continuous mission to learn new things and stretch my wings creatively.

It’s partly for pure enjoyment (learning new tech stuff is cool!). It’s also to bring new ideas and skills to my content creation capabilities as a marketing professional.

I’ve created this graphic to illustrate what I’m endeavoring for 2019, as well as what’s been accomplished the year before – and even a look ahead to 2020.

You see techy web stuff here alongside creative things. The web is always core to my personal interests, but it’s also practically the center of all things marketing.

Let me elaborate a bit further on what I want to achieve in 2019:

  • WordPress 5.x – Version 5, released late 2018 is the beginning of a major evolution that will ultimately bring highly flexible and very user-friendly web creation to WordPress. Also widely known by its project name Gutenberg, I really want to familiarize with its enormous potential for the future.
  • Motion graphics – I’m planning to create plenty of original graphics content in 2019, but definitely want to start introducing motion elements. After Effects will be my primary creation tool, but I’m likely to also experiment with web-native animation features.
  • Video production – Another of my major personal goals is to produce my own videos focusing on the web and marketing. I’m only at the early stages of becoming familiar with Premiere Pro, but aim to have several videos published by year’s end.
  • IndieWeb – This is an ongoing initiative to bring back self-published content within our own domains over the open web – rather than relying solely on centralized, private social media channels for engagement and sharing. It’s something I’m still getting acquainted with and will elaborate far more in-depth later.

Onward to creative storytelling and learning more great stuff!