Cue the podcast marketing hype

At its yearly developer-focused conference, Google announced something rather intriguing: forthcoming support for podcasts in Google Search.

Yes, you’ll soon have the ability to surface relevant podcasts using the good ol’ Google Search portals, and also listen to a podcast directly from the search results page.

And already, I can foretell what’s about to come down the line: marketing “pundits” and “thought leaders” pushing podcasts as the next great thing for content marketing.

For them, if Google says podcasts are important, all of us should take heed and follow accordingly. Marketers have been promoting the importance of video ad nauseam, and it’s very likely we’ll start seeing much the same for podcasts.

Never mind the fact that podcasts haven’t really caught on as an effective marketing communications medium. Or that those who frequently hype stuff in marketing typically don’t relate very well to core product positioning and strategy.

Or that much of what is overly promoted is not much more than a simplistic reaction to whatever a single company does (Google or Facebook).

Nonetheless, this opens up an opportunity to evaluate the possibility of incorporating podcasts as part of an overarching strategy to communicate key product benefits and selling points. You may find podcasting a way to reach your customers that may not be the same with other mediums, and perhaps, even providing an effective marketing problem-solver in the process.