I’ve previously stated my admiration for Buffer, a small but nimble social media marketing management company. Buffer has been very successful, profitable, and self-sustaining without the crutch of venture capital. Similarly, Mailchimp is a small, bootstrapped (self-capitalized) email marketing services entity, reportedly on track to $700 million revenue in 2019 (!).

Now, Mailchimp is expanding beyond email, offering a complete marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses – and attractive pricing options to match. The appeal should be in the form of easy access to essential digital marketing services and functions, avoiding the need for a comprehensive marketing automation platform that would be overkill for small business needs.

In this age of booming tech startups, it’s mainly about raising big, burning big, and hoping for a big exit in the end (when the vast majority crash and burn). Seeing a company like Mailchimp flourish on its own and operate in the black, with a small staff and no outside funding, is always refreshing.