Google Search is here for us, not SEO gurus

For whatever reason, I always feel the need to remind SEO-obsessed marketers about Google, and search engines in general. They’re here to help us – both the content consumers and publishers, better find each other.

If we’re able to successfully discover or share the stuff we covet, then theoretically at least, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone. Google Search wins by serving us the appropriate ads, while we win by finding what we need, or attracting the visitors we desire.

Google and other search engine providers exist for our benefit and theirs as well. They don’t exist for the benefit of SEO specialists and marketers – but rather, in spite of them. Digital marketing, especially with regards to SEO, is often viewed as a self-serving profession that exists mainly for its own prosperity (rather than the businesses they serve).

As part of their mission to improve the discoverability of relevant search contexts, Google continually tweaks their systems. Recently, they published an article stating their intention to better surface original news reporting in search results.

The article goes into a cursory explanation of their algorithmic approaches. This is balanced against human “raters,” as a check on the accuracy in assigning priority ranking to news stories deemed to be authoritatively original around a specific event or situation.

While certainly noteworthy, it’s the mission statement at the beginning of the article that carries the most significance to me.

Google Search was built to provide everyone access to information on the web—and with tens of thousands of web pages, hundreds of hours of video, thousands of tweets and news stories published every minute of the day, our job is to sift through that content and find the most helpful results possible.