The primacy of email marketing

One thing I’m hearing and reading with steady frequency is that the practical value of social media marketing is questionable.

Many marketing “experts” and thought leaders believe email is superior to social media as an effective communications channel for promotion. Email marketing seems a more natural fit to actively communicating with customers and prospects (especially in the B2B context), while social media may be more appropriately suited as a medium for building awareness and buzz.

The important exception, however, is whenever social media serves as a vital customer communication and acquisition channel (more likely with very young, consumer-oriented businesses).

Social media marketing has been viewed as the modern successor to email marketing. It’s been heavily touted as more sophisticated, shinier, and sexier than email. But all too often, also hyped to point of delusion.

Now, many marketing professionals are observing, from their metrics and intangible factors, that email delivers far better ROI over social media for their campaigns and promotional goals.

Email marketing isn’t merely making a comeback. It’s the enduring customer engagement channel that’s never gone away.