Google is amping up video search

Google continually endeavors to better surface useful content for us, based on what we’re searching. Along these lines, they’ve now added something rather interesting to search results: user-defined timestamps / bookmarks in videos. It’s up the content creator to add these to a video.

Source: Google

This new deep searching capability in videos is pretty darn cool. You now can mark up your videos with bookmarks that others can potentially find in their search results. And when your video does surface in a search result, the user will be able to select a bookmark and jump right to that specific point in your video.

To allow this capability, you’ll need to register yourself and your video.

This feature works with YouTube, naturally, but Google says it’s working to make this available across the web from other publishers.

Conquering video as a marketing medium has been rather challenging for many digital marketers. Many have managed to “fake their way” to success by scraping together content – via hiring cheap copywriters, stuffing text with SEO keywords, and sourcing questionably relevant artwork from no-cost image repositories like Unsplash.

But video is vastly different is that you really can’t fake your way around it. The only way video will work for marketing is to make it real.