WordCamp Riverside was a blast!

Another weekend at a local WordCamp, another weekend of fun, learning lots of new things, and making new connections.

WordCamps are the local gathering of WordPress users, developers, service providers, and business owners. On any given weekend, there’s at least one WordCamp happening somewhere around the world.

The WordCamp I attended was in Riverside, California – the 3rd annual gathering in that city. In 2019, there were several WordCamps in the Southern California area, in Santa Clarita, Orange County, and Long Beach. The next WordCamps in SoCal are planned for Spring 2020 in San Diego and Santa Clarita.

I really love the opportunity to network with other WordPress devotees, and learn about what they’re doing with WordPress for their projects or businesses.

A gathering of attendees at WordCamp Riverside 2019, for lunch and networking.

These gatherings are especially great to catch up on some of the latest developments with the greater WordPress ecosystem, discover some tools and resources you may not have already known about, and get insights into running a business around creating and managing WordPress websites.

WordCamps are also where you’ll get exposure to some of the most important trends and issues as they relate to WordPress.

In particular, the importance of providing adequate accessibility to websites is of great concern to everyone who creates, develops, and ultimately owns websites intended for public access. It’s been a recurring theme at WordCamps for several years, and will certainly continue for a long time to come.

(I need to emphasize that website accessibility is an important issue to any web developer or designer, whether working with WordPress or not.)

I also would like to mention that regardless of your level of interest or involvement with WordPress, everyone is welcome. There is a nominal registration fee (unlike the exorbitant costs associated with tech conferences).

WordCamp Central is the place to learn more and see the complete schedule of gatherings all over the world.