Cyber Monday emails have gotten out of control!

3:06 am, 8:48 am, 12:01 pm, 2:57 pm, and 5.49 pm.

Or how about: 11:05 pm, 9:13 am, 3:05 pm, 5:05 pm, and 7:11 pm.

The first is a trail of timestamps for Cyber Monday emails delivered on a single day, from a single vendor.

The second is another timestamp trail of Cyber Monday emails delivered the same day, from another vendor.

For Cyber Monday, I can understand an email at the beginning of the day and a reminder toward the end, but FIVE emails in a day is ridiculous.

The problem isn’t just that you’re getting up to five emails throughout the day from one or two sellers. It’s that you’re getting multiple emails from many sellers on the same day.

Clearly, everyone feels the need to fight each other for our attention, and the best way simply is to email us repeatedly. But when everyone gets in on the action, the result is a highly annoying and ruinous experience for the consumer.

These days, we all seem to live in this incredible fear of missing out, better known as FOMO.

For sellers, it’s the fear of missing out because other businesses are blasting out emails and getting your attention. So from their vantage point, their only recourse is to do the same.

Another important consideration in all of this, is the fact that we’ve already been bombarded by a series of Black Friday emails by the very same vendors…

… only to be bombarded again on Cyber Monday.

It doesn’t end there. If you figure in all the teaser announcements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll likely end up with a pretty massive trove of emails in the month of November, as I certainly discovered with one vendor.

Normally, I get one email a week from this seller, but look what came in over a one-month period to generate the hype for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Time to start growing up and learn how to market with a bit of empathy.