Time to open up to the desktop, Instagram

It was just announced that Instagram will allow direct messaging (DM) access from a desktop browser. But things can and should go further. Instagram should allow posting and commenting from the desktop as well. It’s about time.

Instagram was envisioned as an appealing way to share posts with photos shot on mobile. And while it’s been understandable to make this exclusive to mobile platforms, the time has come to allow desktop users to share photos as well.

The general reasoning is that Instagram does not want professionally retouched photos to predominate, given this would break the spirit of sharing photos that were spontaneously taken on a pocket device.

However, Instagram has gone well beyond social sharing and interaction. Like Facebook and any other social media platform, Instagram has also become an important business engagement resource. Influencers come to mind, of course, but all sorts of companies actively use Instagram as well.

There are unofficial workarounds to enable posting from your desktop browser. Or you can just send photos from your desktop to your mobile, and then upload to Instagram.

But really, simply opening up posting and engagement to desktop browsers would be the wise solution. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later.