Advertising trade associations plead for mercy from Google

First, let’s establish the situation: the prosperity of the digital ad industry is dependent on a single company.

That company, of course, is Google.

In January, Google announced it was planning to phase out the allowance of third-party cookies in the Chrome browser. It’s a measure to improve user privacy and end the ability for digital ad networks to target people using Chrome.

The reaction from the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers was swift. In a statement, they pleaded for Google to reconsider. See below – a screenshot of the statement from the AAAA website.

The tone and wording goes to show, as I’ve stated so many times before, the reality of what can happen when a company absolutely and indisputably controls the platform and makes a unilateral decision on it.

To date, Google has not indicated it will compromise or backtrack on its decision to end third-party cookie hosting.