Is it OK to nag via email?

As a marketing professional, I routinely get solicitation emails from marketing vendors and service providers. That’s pretty much alright and expected.

Whenever I get such a message, I generally ignore it and move on.

But far too often, I get subsequent emails that build on the original message, as if to remind me that I was contacted previously, but somehow hoping I’ll feel guilty and follow up as a result. Like this one, in which the vendor tried to engage me three times.

Nagging marketing solicitation email

This example is somewhat annoying, but nothing like other messages I’ve received with “Putting this at the top of your inbox” and “Getting in touch again because I haven’t heard back from you.”

I also frequently get something like “Trying you again one last time.”

Seriously – are you trying to give me an ultimatum or something?

Let’s stop using email to promote ourselves out of desperation.