A new beginning for MacBooks

New models coming soon will finally close a chapter of flawed product design.

COVID-19 notwithstanding, it’s been reported from historically accurate sources that Apple will soon be introducing new MacBooks sometime between this spring and mid-year.

A focus on these new MacBooks will be a redesigned keyboard replacing the troubled “butterfly” design with a more traditional “scissor” mechanism.

Scissor keyboards are more traditional in laptops and were used in MacBooks before Apple made the switch a few years ago. The 16-inch MacBook Pro, launched last fall was the first to revert back to the scissor keyboard.

The butterfly keyboards were meant to be revolutionary from a company religiously exalted as the paragons of product design.

Instead, they were poorly received for being uncomfortable to type on. Worse yet, the butterly keyboards suffered from reliability problems that ultimately forced Apple to offer free repair services to address them.

This incident has undoubtedly dented into Apple’s longstanding reputation for exemplary product design. It’s something even their most devoted fans simply could not overlook themselves.

Personally, I’ve been fine with the keyboard feel and ergononmics, but will opt to have my MacBook Pro repaired for an operational flaw with the “k” key.