When marketing is outed for deception

It is never fun when marketing is accused of doing something wrong.

But when the accusation is publicly broadcast to everyone, it’s especially jarring for a company’s marketing department.

An article in The Intercept identified a prominent technical inaccuracy in a security-focused white paper published by Zoom. But no one in marketing ever wants to see the accusation right there in the headline – that marketing deceived a multi-billion dollar company’s massive customer base.

Article headline mentioning misleading marketing

If you market technical or technology-based products, it is crucial to ensure any content you produce is fact-checked and vetted with your product managers, engineers, and other subject matter experts in your company.

This is especially important when you’re making prominent claims, or any statements relevant to matters sensitive to customers. Security, for example.

Remember that marketing is always first in the chain of blame whenever there is suspicion of a misleading or false public statement. Getting it right the first time matters – a lot.