Bits of Google news for web creators

If you’re actively developing or refining websites or web apps, and have been timing your schedules around the latest Chrome releases, then you’ll be pleased to know that Chrome 81 will be released shortly after a brief delay.

Chrome development is resuming after a one-week postponement to allow for some internal reshuffling, due to COVID-19 and adjustments in work schedules with staff transitioning to working from home.

Chrome 82 is canceled and will rolled into the release of 83, due around mid-May. Future releases are TBD, and it’s probably prudent to expect shifts in dates due to the current circumstances.

Google search goes completely mobile September 2020

It’s no secret by now that Google is transitioning away from desktop to mobile-first crawling and indexing. This basically means that search results will be based on what Google detects from your website’s presentation in a smartphone viewing context.

Currently, Google has transitioned over 70% of websites in their indexing records to mobile. The transition is now slated to be fully completed September 2020.

You can confirm whether your site has transitioned by checking in your Google Search Console – an alert card similar to the below should pop up in your dashboard. The Google Webmaster blog offers more info about their moblie-first indexing.

Mobile-first index alert for Google Search Console