Creating content requires great effort and time

I’ve been working in marketing for 16 years. I can tell you that by far, the greatest challenge in marketing is…

… creating quality content.

Content creation is the single most important aspect of any company’s marketing initiatives.

It always takes more time than you think, and involves more effort than you might have imagined. Everyone believes they’re able to create content, but few do so on a regular basis.

Because of this, most of us don’t have good visibility into what it takes to create content, and very good quality content at that.

As content creators we all go into a project thinking it will take maybe a few days, when it ends up taking a week or more. We all think, “it just takes 3 or 4 steps to complete” when it’s really more like 10 to 15.

Recently, I’ve been hearing some YouTubers lament about the time and sheer amount of work it takes to create a polished video.

A video production requires planning, scripting, shooting, editing, color grading, creating B-roll content, and bringing it all together for the final rendering with transitions, opening and closing titles, bed track for background music, etc.

All that can add up to as much as 40 hours for a start-to-finish production for a 10 to 15 minute video clip. That’s in the range of what I’ve actually heard from some YouTube creators.

Even an 800- 1,000 word copywriting project can take the better part of a day. I know this darn well, being a professional copywriter for many years.

If you don’t create content regularly, you think of the process as beginning with typing your first word and continuing, linearly and consecutively, to your 1,000th. No interruptions in between.

Try sitting down and writing a 1,000 word piece on your own. It has to be something related to your business, not one of your hobbies in which you can just ramble on with casual babble.

If you can consistently type away from start to finish with no editing, re-reading, refining, iteration, or re-scoping – and the final result is always perfectly structured and business communication-worthy – then congratulate yourself as an incredible genius.

You’re clearly in the wrong career.