Looking for a better Adobe CC deal?

Try canceling first.

Currently the cost for an Adobe Create Cloud subscription is $52.99 per month. That is pretty steep for many, including myself.

In 2019, just before Black Friday Adobe offered a smoking deal of $29.99 monthly for one year. I took advantage of that deal and enjoyed the discount until it expired November 2020.

For this Black Friday season there was no such deal available, just a $39.99 per month special for new subscribers only.

I felt stuck until I remembered that companies often will dangle last-minute offers if you decide to cancel your subscription. So I tried that, and it worked – discount for another year!

To see if you can get score a discount, first go into your Adobe account and look at the details of your CC plan. Then click the option to cancel.

You’ll first need to enter your password to confirm your identity, and then you’ll be greeted with this screen.

You’ll need to answer whether you’re sure you want to cancel, and then you’ll get the warnings about what will happen to your files and access when you cancel.

Then you should see some offers, like this for me.

Note that Adobe tried to lure me into what was labeled as the “best offer” when it really wasn’t.

What you’ll see is likely to vary. But nonetheless it’s well worth looking into any available deals.

If your subscription is currently discounted, it may be better to wait until just after that has elapsed. Any offer you choose will apply immediately, and if applicable you’ll receive a pro-rated refund for the current month. If the offers you see aren’t appealing, you can always quit the cancellation process and go back.

P.S. Creative Bloq regularly posts Adobe CC deals on a dedicated page. It’s definitely worth monitoring, especially around the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period.