Putting the focus on content

Over the years I’ve found it very challenging to blog about marketing.

The truth is, I absolutely love what I do as a marketing professional. I really enjoy what I do on a daily basis.

But as a subject matter in itself, I find marketing ABSOLUTELY boring to talk about. It’s mostly common sense stuff that’s nothing new.

Just thinking about marketing as a generic subject makes me want to sleep.

It’s been difficult to blog consistently on topic, and as a result I’ve often diverted to subjects somewhat, but not necessarily relevant to marketing.

Topics that interest me more than just marketing, notably technology.

Now, why is it that I really like what I do for a living as a marketing professional, but despise talking about marketing as a general topic?

Here are the reasons:

  • I work in an industry that piques my interest every day. I’m always curious to stay on top of what’s happening from our peers, customers, and competitors.
  • I crave the opportunity to create new marketing content to help solve important business objectives and challenges.
  • I always appreciate playing a significant role in bringing a new product to market.

Basically, I don’t do marketing purely for the sake of marketing. That’s boring and meaningless.

I do marketing as my contribution to helping generate more business.

Content is what marketing is all about

The second point above is really the heart of the matter when it comes to marketing: content creation.

To be successful and make an impact to our company, you’ve got to be dedicated to communicating through the content you envision and ultimately produce.

Content is what allows sales team members to learn about products. Content is what telegraphs to customers and channel partners what they could benefit from using (or adopting) your products.

I’ve noticed over the years this dramatic shift away from focusing on creating high quality content – toward tangential things like SaaS marketing tools, and Google Analytics reports created just to impress management (and to goose up a resume or LinkedIn profile).

But to really make an impact to your company, you’ve got to be playing a prominent role in communicating, both internally and externally. That can only happen through effective content.

(Hopefully) a consistent direction going forward

I’ve thought long and hard about what it is that really matters and what really interests me. It’s creating content.

Last year, after giving it a lot of thought and reflection, I’ve decided I should be blogging a lot more about content creation.

It’s a topic I can easily write about on a consistent basis – from writing marketing copy, to creating white papers, to producing videos.

And it just so happens that content is what matters most to effectively market and sell products.

Having enough content is one of the biggest challenges any company faces – the never-ending need for more to help create more business.

I’ve produced a whole lot of marketing content over the past 15 years. I’ve learned a lot during that time. And I continue to learn more almost every day to help enable better and more effective communication.

I have a lot to offer, both from years of insight, as well as what I just picked up yesterday while learning about something on YouTube.

If you’re a content creator, or actively work with those who do…

… hopefully I can offer something of value through this blog, and videos I plan to create over the course of 2021.

Tune in… there’s plenty more to come.