Dealing with uncertainties in 2021

I created two videos providing some advice on how to deal with challenges possibly to come in 2021 – in relation to marketing.

We continue to work our way through the pandemic, and (hopefully) will finally see light at the end of the tunnel later this year.

But 2021 could be another bumpy ride for businesses coming out of a very challenging 2020. Last year, layoffs have largely been avoided, but things could be different this year.

Before I continue, I would like to encourage health safety measures as always to protect yourselves and each other. And please take advantage of your next opportunity to get a vaccine.

This video below is aimed at people employed full-time in marketing for a company.

I explain that your best chances of protecting yourself against a headcount reduction are when you’re deeply involved at the core of the company’s business goals. For marketing, that generally means promoting and messaging products.

It’s important to be at the center of your marketing team’s efforts to connect with your customers and your sales team. Do everything you can to contribute to content creation with an eye toward best communicating the essential value proposition of your products.

Don’t just confine your day-to-day marketing activity to metrics, SEO, or social media. These are tasks re-assignable to others, or contracted out.

Solid subject matter knowledge and creative problem-solving instincts are much harder to replace.

In the second video, I take the approach from the businesses or employer point of view. Throughout 2020, companies have largely avoided mass layoffs through a series of creative cost-reduction measures.

But for 2021, it’s not certain this can continue. If layoffs do become necessary, a company will always look for areas ripe for trimming back on expenses. Marketing is a frequent target.

While it’s understandable that cutbacks may be necessary, a company may risk not being able to spring back into action for new product launches once things do get better.

And this deficiency is even more likely to be exposed as a weakness, if you have significant competitors and it becomes obvious they’re more ready to promote themselves than you.

Let’s hope drastic cutback measures never materialize, and that 2021 ends up as a year of positive recovery and a collective sigh of relief.