Intel’s new, but lame PR offensive against Macs

With a newly minted CEO and a desire to fight back against negative market momentum, Intel just launched a new marketing campaign to position itself against Macs.

The problem is, Intel is using some fundamentally weak, even rehashed arguments to make their case in opposition to Apple’s latest-generation M1 Macs.

They’re also up against a fairly extensive history of their own failures to successfully commercialize their grand visions of a modern PC.

In comparing the PC with the Mac, Intel touts boring or unoriginal feature disadvantages, such as lacking touchable screens, MacBook color options limited to two shades of gray, and the M1 Macs only able to support one external monitor.

The latter is especially striking – Intel knows full well that Apple will overcome that in short order, likely with a major refresh of the MacBook Pro lineup later this year.

What Intel can’t measure up to is the combination of sheer performance, power efficiency, enhanced battery life, and cool running operation of the latest Macs powered by the Apple M1 silicon.

We all know Intel tried, over and over again, to win customers over with promises of power-sipping chips delivering excellent battery life and high processing performance at the same time.

Unfortunately, they failed to meet even their own expectations, over and over again.

And really, the new commercials Intel produced are nothing more than just pop shots at Macs because they can’t come up with a better answer in terms of technical performance.

Apple’s new products are so striking in that they greatly exceeded expectations when first announcing their new M1 silicon last year.

Intel wants to do battle, and it looks like they’re going to have to try, yet once more, to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.

This time, they’re going up against not only a firce competitor in Apple, but also AMD. Tough times are surely ahead.

BTW, if you’re looking for laughable enjoyment, check out this guy picking part all 5 of Intel’s commercials in their new campaign.