Do not underestimate Upwork

We’re currently all in this grandiose debate over whether employees will be permitted to work remotely from home, as we continue to move away from the worst of the pandemic.

There will most definitely be emotional tension, leading to many workers finding new opportunities with employers offering remote work opportunities more favorable to them.

But what we know today as ‘working remotely’ is likely just a transitional point toward something even more transformative in terms of how we define ‘work’ in itself.


Upwork is among the best-known companies for matching business owners with freelancers for gig work as one-off projects or sometimes short-term contracts.

But Upwork knows very well that outsourcing work can be much more than just hiring freelancers for gigs.

Work Marketplace

I’ve been following Upwork for quite some time. They’ve been working diligently for years to win the hearts and minds of the Fortune 500. There seems to be a longing desire among larger, established companies to look more to external resources that can meet their essential business needs.

The challenge, however, is that the hiring of single-project or short-term gig workers isn’t necessarily effective for what companies would want.

Enter the Work Marketplace. It’s a new offering from Upwork intended to allow businesses to find professionals, or teams of professionals, and bring them onboard to work with them on a long-term basis.

“Long-term” could be anywhere from a few months to several years. The relationship with the freelancer is one that endures over time, rather than something transactional. This can be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Workers would presumably be remote. This would allow a business to search far and wide for the talent that would meet their essential needs – without the overhead and procedural hurdles normally associated with full-time employment.

Understanding remote work and digital transformation

Remote work was made possible by technological advances. It’s a beneficiary of digital transformation.

But if you think that’s only limited to full-time employees, think again. Digital transformation opens up new and unprecedented opportunities for companies.

And in this case, that means scouring across geographic regions for excellent pools of talent.

Upwork is simply bringing more attention to the opportunities, and a service offering aimed at making the process of remote talent discovery and management as easy as possible.

(Disclosure: This article was written purely out of personal inspiration, with no influence from compensation or a business relationship.)