Rebranding via my website, continued

The latter half of 2021 had been pretty intensive in regard to updates and improvements to my personal website.

As I stated before, my site is an important part of my own branding. We tend to promote ourselves mainly through social media, but nothing speaks more volume than having your very own domain online.

In a previous post, I introduced a new navigation menu bar design. That of course is nothing new, generally speaking, but it does add a whole new flair to my website – and hopefully will improve the experience for any visitor.

Here are two other elements that are new or enhanced. I redesigned the homepage so it’s much more compact and self-contained than the previous layout – which deliberately had the user constantly scrolling down the page, past several large paragraphs.

New homepage design for

Now, you can get all the info about me, “above the fold” when viewing on a desktop browser. Once the visitor has glanced over the content on the homepage, there is the opportunity to go the resume or portfolio to learn more – or visit my blog.

If you scroll just a bit down further, you’ll see a video I’ve created to introduce myself and welcome visitors to my site. I’ve made that available right here, for your enjoyment.

I’ve been wanting to create a personal intro video for years. It’s something I’ve always thought about but for whatever reason, never really sat down to make one.

Now I’m really glad I finally took that step and published a video about myself. I see it as a pretty important personal achievement.

I’m not particularly one who likes to self-brag, but I believe there is some value in projecting some sort of brand about yourself – communicating what you are, what you’re capable of, and your essential values.

Well, that’s a wrap… at least for now. Next, I’ll get into the my online portfolio, and later, updates and tweaks to my blog.